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Igniting Inner Power: G.I.R.L. Power Mentoring Unleashed

Building Confidence, Resilience, and Mental Health - Transforming Lives through Tailored Mentorship

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Shaquetta obtained her BA in Social Work from Michigan State University and her MA in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University. She obtained her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University, with a special interest in trauma and sexual abuse. Shaquetta is a philanthropist who believes that serving and giving back to others is Gods work.


Shaquetta has always had a passion for the youth; she loves God and strongly believes that God has always led her right where he wants her to be. Shaquetta has served as a Mentor for over 10 years and has been a positive role model to those around her. Throughout her experiences, Shaquetta has observed a severe need for mentorship for young girls ages 9-17; that's how G.I.R.L Power Mentoring Program Incorporated came about. 

Shaquetta also takes the lessons and experiences she has had with her own phenomenal Mentor and incorporates them into her own mentorships. Shaquetta loves her family and everyone she has made a connection with. She takes pride in knowing that not only has she been called but also chosen to do the work of God; and she will stop at nothing to ensure that she does just that. 

Shaquetta is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and she is married to her amazing husband, Kyle Barden Sr. and has one beautiful daughter name Kylee Barden and a son name Kyle Barden Jr. She can't wait for her dreams to come true of owning her own Youth Homes and Youth Oasis Centers to assist in providing a healing space for youth dealing with traumatic experiences.


"We have to deal with our trauma, or our trauma will deal with us"


Welcome to the G.I.R.L. Power Mentoring Program, where young ladies discover their true potential and embrace their inner power. Our mission is to assist and empower girls in gaining powerful characteristics, accessing the strength they hold within, and maintaining their mental well-being. Through our creative and customized program, we aim to build a sisterhood that nurtures self-love, overcomes identity crises, and cultivates resilience. Our vision is to transform lives by creating lasting bonds, uplifting spirits, and providing education on crucial aspects such as mental stability, adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and more. Join us on this empowering journey, where every girl can become irresistible and powerful, while forging lifelong connections within our organization. Step into a world where G.I.R.L. Power reigns supreme and young ladies thrive, unleashing their full potential.


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 G.I.R.L. Power has taught me so much from my ability to understand womanhood to loving myself completely. My mentor Quetta, still helps me with the struggles of life as a woman today, and I can admit that I’ve never would’ve been so open-minded to learning from someone else without G.I.R.L. Power showing me that I’m not alone and there’s other girls just like me who needs guidance into womanhood and help with like in general. I’m grateful for the everything the G.I.R.L. Power experience has taught me.💗

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I've been in G.I.R.L. Power since 2018 and I love that I can be myself and talk to older women without judgement. I also love getting to know other people my age. I've known Dr. Barden since I was in the 5th grade and I am now in the 12th grade. She has played a major part in my life, she is an amazing woman, she loves to help others and see people win and achieve their goals. She is one of the greatest and only mentors that I’ll ever want.

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“Meeting some of the people that I met in G.I.R.L Power inspired me to chase my dreams and helped me out of some of my darkest times. I’m so grateful for the experience and help that G.I.R.L Power gave me!” 💕

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